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If you talk about one part of the house that can never go unnoticed, then it will be your living room for sure. You certainly can’t let all guests into your bedroom, but the living room is where your friends and family can always crash in. Are you worried about how to arrange living room? We can surely guide you on how to get the perfect look for your place.

The living room works as the heart of the house and is the ultimate center of focus. For a room of such importance, the arrangement of the stuff-it has-matters.

Since the living room is the most visited place in the house, it should always be pleasing to visit. With a suitable amount of furniture, you will still have space to breathe and walk around comfortably.

The arrangement of furniture in the living room can be a real game-changer. As much as well-arranged furniture can look aesthetically pleasing, the poorly arranged furniture can look as bad.

Therefore, it is essential to know how you are going to put your furniture together inside this “room of great importance.”

Arrangement of furniture can be quite a daunting task. Whether you are faced with an empty living room or the one that has existing furniture, setting it up is not that easy.

Your focus gets on how you can arrange the furniture that looks both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

With time, some very simple and easy to apply principles have been recognized that work quite well for the arrangement of furniture in the living room.

I hope that this guide will help you arrange furniture in a living room more like a fun job than a nightmare for you.

So, let’s get right into it.


How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room for Family Members

Now since not all of us live in big, fancy mansions with spacious rooms, we think once or twice before allocating rooms in our house.

And many of us give priority to having a larger bedroom space; hence the living room ends up with the least space among all the rooms.

If you are faced with the query of arranging furniture in a small living room, then these guidelines might help you.

If you have your family members coming over and staying in your living room now and then, then this furniture arrangement will work just fine.

By applying these simple rules, you can make the most out of the furniture arrangement in the living room.

Place a sectional sofa in the center with a coffee table. This duo will work great as you sip on coffee with your family members while playing your favorite board game.

For extra seating, you can place an ottoman in the living room that doubles up as a coffee table.

A dining table can be placed behind the sofa that can accommodate two or four people. This would work as the ideal layout for a small family.

It is ideal if the furniture you place in the small living room has more light and neutral colors. You can later add smaller, colorful pieces like throw pillows and vases. This will keep your living room space interesting without any overwhelming feel.

Arrange Living Room Furniture

How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room with Storage

For making the most out of your living room furniture, it is important to ensure that it offers good storage and plenty of space.

Set up a bar in the corner of the living room. This will work great both as a dining spot and bar simultaneously. For a small family, you can exchange the bar with a table in the corner.

Next up, you can place the sofa in the center of the room. The choice of sofa greatly matters here. Armless sofas are a good option for small spaces but don’t forget that they are not highly comfortable for lounging about.

Also, you should keep in mind that you might not be staying in the same house with a small living room for years, but a sofa lasts nearly for a decade so it should be considered as an investment. After placing a good quality sofa, you can move to less costly accent furnishing.

You can place accent chairs beside the sofa or by the walls of the room. The chairs you place should be light, as anything with dark colors will look heavy in a small room.

Any furniture with tall backrests should be avoided. You can either place armless chairs or transparent chairs as they look decent in small spaces.

During any entertainment session, you can easily move the chairs around for additional seating, and the bar or table can be utilized as serving areas.

The furniture you place in a small living room should be simple and sleek. Overstuffed chairs and heavy furniture will overpower your small, living room space. Therefore, you can opt for simple furniture so the eye will not be stuck in one place.

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How to arrange living room furniture with TV

What’s a living room without a TV set? Well, some can say it’s better, but for many people, TV is the main gathering source in the home.

Whether it is watching sports or having or movie night, comfortable space is required to enjoy your TV shows.

However, it’s not always easy to come up with a living room layout that ticks down all your boxes. So, what can a Netflix-binging and design-savvy person like you can do?

You don’t have to choose between a nice-looking space or favorite activities. Let’s now look at how we can set your living room furniture around a TV with some tips and tricks on TV-viewing layout solutions.

For a layout where you can enjoy the TV while staying close to the warmth of the fireplace, you can rotate the furniture of the room by 90 degrees.

Instead of the sofa facing the fireplace, you can let the sofa face the TV. This makes the living area a good conversational area concentrated around your fireplace.

For extra seating, you can add two swivel chairs with the sofa. These can be rotated to face the TV when guests are over.

The sofa in your living room can determine how you use up space. It should not be overfilled with furniture, so there is enough space for people to walk in and out.

You can place the sofa away from the wall so it will float in the middle of the space. In this case, the back of the sofa will work as a wall so the walkway will be clear behind it.

Next up, if you want to make your living room a fun and lively place, then it should be able to accommodate different activities. You can break the room into two different areas.

One side of the living room can be used for TV viewing while the other side can provide more of a formal space. An easy way to do this is to separate the two areas with rugs visually. Rugs will help in keeping the two-space connected yet distinct.

The sofa in the living room can make a huge difference in the layout of the room. Just like rugs, you can use a sofa to create separation between different areas like study, living, and dining space.

For this again, you can place the sofa in the middle of the room where it faces the wall with TV and does not block out the windows. With this, you can arrange a desk by the window to study or a small dining area behind the sofa.

A sloped ceiling can be a real challenge as they can make your living room look awkward with limited ideas for interior design.

You might also find this tricky as no one wants to bump their head frequently in the low clearance areas.

But do you know that sloped ceilings can work out great for a TV viewing layout? It creates a tucked-in vibe, which is great for a movie night in with your partner.

To achieve this layout, you can place the sofa up against the wall. This will help in blocking space under the low ceiling and would also provide plenty of seating.

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How to Arrange Living Room Furniture with Fireplace

We now have a good idea of how to utilize our living room space with TV. But what about those cold winter nights when you want to sit close to the fireplace while being snuggled in your blanket?

Before we get into the layout ideas for a living room with a fireplace, let’s first have an overview of the DOs and DON’Ts of it.

  • Arrange your furniture in a manner that it is easy to move towards and away from the fireplace.
  • Place an accent chair next to the fireplace. This will create a warm and inviting fireplace for you or your family.
  • You can position the ottomans and coffee tables as you like. The priority when arranging should be an arrangement where guests can maneuver around the room.
  • Don’t let your sofa cover or block the view of the fireplace.
  • A rug should not be placed too close to the fireplace. Place it at a safe distance such that it anchors the room but flying embers cannot reach it.

Now let’s look at how we can arrange our living room furniture in a manner that looks visually pleasing surrounding a fireplace.

Corner Fireplace:

Many of our living rooms have fireplaces in the corner of the room. In all honesty, corner fireplaces can be a bit tricky to set the furniture around. This is especially when there is not enough space to angle your furniture towards the fireplace.

The trick to making the fireplace the focal point of your living room is to arrange the furniture in a manner that it points towards the fireplace.

You can adopt an unconventional furniture arrangement where one furniture piece faces the fireplace. In contrast, the rest of the furniture is oriented towards it.

For this, you would have to abandon our traditional furniture arrangement and do it with a more practical approach. Let’s look at some of the essential tips of how you can do this:

  • Your focus when arranging the furniture should be where the eye is drawn when you enter and sit in the living room. Pick a focal point of the room and then arrange the furniture around it.
  • Arranging your furniture around the focal point will help in achieving a balanced and organized look. For a corner fireplace, it should be the focal point of the living room.
  • Before you make your move and arrange the furniture, use painter’s tape to present your arrangement. This will save you from the constant effort of moving the furniture in and out of the room.
  • The traffic flow should never be neglected when arranging the furniture, and you should leave enough space for people to walk around. Painter’s tape will come in handy if you change your mind as instead of moving the furniture around, you can relocate the tape.
  • Measure each furniture piece carefully before letting it inside the living room. The same length should be put on the tape that you are placing on the floor of the living room.

Central Fireplace:

How to arrange furniture when you have a fireplace in the center of the living room? Let’s now move on to this.

For maximizing out space in a living room having a fireplace located centrally, you can replace the large sofa with two small seats or accents chairs.

It will offer the same amount of spacing only with a less crowded look. However, if you have enough space in the room, you can place tables at the end of the chairs for more table space and extra storage.

For a cozy vibe, you can add a rug that is large enough to keep the room connected with all the furniture.

How to Arrange Living Room Furniture by Shape

Before deciding upon the layout of your living room, it is important to determine the purpose. Would you need plenty of seating? Will the space be formal or casual, or will it be a multi-functional place?

Once you have the purpose in hand, it will be much easier to play with the furniture around and set it as you like.

Let’s look at some living room arrangements by shape and see which of these foolproof layouts are well suited for your living room.

1)     Parallel and Symmetrical

In things concerning art and architecture, symmetry has been well recognized for creating a balance and feeling of harmony. Symmetrically arranged furniture would set out perfectly mirrored grouping.

To achieve this, you can arrange two facing sofas with a coffee table separating them in between. The same layout can be achieved with chaises or paired armchairs.

2)     L-Shaped

The L-shaped arrangement is the most commonly found layouts in households. For a more summed up look, you can form this shape by placing furniture at right angles to each other.

You can either go for an L-shaped sofa or place two Individual sofas at right angles with a coffee table. It can be as pronounced as this or for a subtle look, and you can place a single armchair at the end of the sofa.

3)     U-Shaped

U-shaped living room furniture arrangement carries a similar concept as the L-shape by only adding a few extra furniture pieces or adding a U-shaped sofa.

You can put together different furniture pieces to get this shape like:

  • two parallel sofas with armchairs,
  • a sofa with two chairs on each side,
  • two parallel sofas with armchairs on the head or
  • the most natural way is a U-shaped sofa.

4)     Circular

This arrangement is easy to do and is often characterized by circular armchairs supported by a matching coffee table and a rug on the ground. Similarly, you can set curved sofas in the living room.

Curved sofas work as an excellent alternative to the standard armchairs arranged in a circular layout.

5)     Rectangular

The primary role of the living room in a house is to accommodate as many people as possible. You can arrange furniture in a double seating manner to provide maximum seating in the living room.

The separate rectangular seating areas don’t have to be identical in either size, purpose, or furniture. It is an easy way to divide your room into two separate areas.

Besides separate furniture groups, you can also differentiate between the basics like different rugs, light fixtures, or bookcase.

However, if you want to develop a sense of oneness throughout the room, you can go for a lower dividing piece like a low table or round banquette.

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Bottom line…

The arrangement of living room furniture is not solely dependent on the arrangement of furniture pieces around the place.

You can know the more ways to arrange the living room here.

It also requires developing a sense of connection and harmony in the room, so whoever comes and sits in your living enjoys their space and time there.

I hope that the ideas and layouts I have put together above will help you in coming up with an amazing idea to arrange your living room furniture.

With a little effort and lots of brainstorming, you can set your living room furniture in a way that will be liked and admired by everyone.

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