Best Wooden High Chairs for Babies Reviews booster seats

If you have a toddler crawling around the house, then you will need best Wooden High Chairs for Babies Reviews. We can only imagine how adorable your days must be. It is an absolute delight to have a baby in the house because their laughter and their tiny little tricks keep you cheered up all the time.

However, there are times when you are sick and tired of the mess they create.

Despite how crucial it is for them to start crawling and walking on their own at the right time, it ends in a catastrophic mess for you. 

They would grab and spill anything they get their hands on, especially while eating. They’ll make a run for it every time you bring food closer. Plus, you’re never sure if they ate well enough.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could tame these adorable yet house wrecking younglings and make sure they ate properly?

Well, now you can because we have just the thing for you! 

How do you ask? With the help of the white wooden high chair for babies!

You are about to learn a whole lot about these best high chair for babies that there available online. 

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Best Wooden High Chairs for Babies Reviews


After a lot of research, we have finally gathered the best high chair for babies you could ever find.

These were chosen based upon their availability, their cost range, features, functionality and much more that you need to know.

Although each one is spectacular in its own way, we listed down its features, pros, and cons for you to make your decision easy.

1- Baby High Chair with Double Removable Tray for Baby/Infants/Toddlers

Baby High Chair with Double Removable Tray for Baby/Infants/Toddlers, 3-in-1 Wooden High Chair/Booster/Chair | Grows with Your Child | Adjustable Legs | Modern Wood Design | Easy to Assemble
  • Stylish design and easy to clean: Made from natural beech...
  • Easy to clean precious moments disappear fast, make every...
  • Functional and for age 6 months to 10 years old: Our 3-in-1...
  • Our high chair is as beautiful and tastefully designed as it...
  • Classic and sophisticated design with focus on comfort,...

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If you are looking for a perfect white wooden high chair for your growing kid, then you landed in the right place. 

This White colored chair for kids is the perfect solution, made up of beech wood (legs) and fine pp material (seat). 

It comes with an easy to assemble guidebook and complete accessories. The detachable tray makes cleaning easy and hassle-free. 

The wooden legs provide comfortability and style to fit in with any dining table.  


  • It comes with a complete assembly guidebook to save your time.
  • It does not need extra screws or tools to assemble.
  • It has easy to clean detachable tray with three levels that ensure the child’s comfort and security.
  • It can accommodate a child from age 6 months to 10 years, up to 35 pounds.
  • It could be used as a high chair for 0-2 years, booster chair for up to 6 years and then as a child seat.
  • It is CPSE tested to ensure moms’ and toddlers’ usability.
  • Dimensions: 21.5 x 13.6 x 13.4 inches
  • It can be used for 10 years
  • It grows with the kid
  • In a reasonable price of under $150
  • CPSE tested.
  • No cons as such

2- Badger Basket White Rose Doll White Wooden High Chair 

Badger Basket White Rose Doll High Chair (fits American Girl Dolls), White
  • Precious Doll High Chair with a padded seat and rose design
  • Lift and lower the tray to put your doll into the seat and...
  • Footrest below the seat is a realistic touch
  • For all dolls up to 18 inches including American Girl, My...
  • Overall dimensions: 11.5 inches L x 9.5 inches W x 22.25...

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This is a precious gift for a little doll lover. 

The entire chair is made of white wood in a beautiful rose design. 

The padded seat is just the right size for most American dolls. It is also a favorite amongst doll collectors. 


  • It can fit any doll up to 18 inches.
  • It has a 30 days warranty.
  • It is made up of solid wood.
  • It is for the kids from age 3+.
  • The footrest just below the seat gives it a perfect realistic touch. 
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.5 x 22.2 inches
  • It is a perfect gift for a little girl
  • It can hold a doll of about 18 inches
  • It looks very real
  • It is completely made up of wood
  • The arm is not very properly designed
  • It is not the right height for older girls
  • The tray arm gets detached after some time

Accessories and Free Personalization Kit 

Badger Basket Chevron Doll High Chair with Accessories and Free Personalization Kit (fits American Girl Dolls), White/Chevron (10193)
  • High chair is made from durable mdf (wood composite) board...
  • Designed for 14-18" dolls. Materials: all paints and...
  • Measurements: measures 11"Wx10.5"Lx24"H, assembled size:...
  • Fabric trim is 100 percent polyester and can be spot...
  • Country Of Origin: Imported. Needs Assembly: Yes.

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Badger basket chevron doll high chair is made of MDF and has a clear white finish. 

It fits almost all the American dolls nicely from 14 to 18 inches. 

The fabric used is pure polyester. It is a fairy tale present for young dolls lover. 

It comes with an extra plate, bib, and spoon to let the little girl have more fun.


  • It is completely made up of MDF and the fabric used for trim is polyester. 
  • It is suitable for girls of ages 3 and above.
  • It comes with an extra bib, plate, and spoon.
  • It is a perfect present for young girls.
  • It can hold up to 18 inches of dolls.
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 11 x 24 inches.
  • Made of MDF
  • Not easily breakable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tray arm is slightly weak

4- Wood High Chair for Babies and Toddlers – With Harness, Removable Tray, and Adjustable Legs

Ashtonbee Wooden High Chair for Babies and Toddlers, Sturdy Baby Highchairs, Baby Feeding Chair with Adjustable Wooden Chair Legs, Removable Tray, and Harness
  • Designed for Your Baby’s Comfort and Safety - Let your...
  • Withstands High-Impact Force - Made of food-grade...
  • Easy-to-Assemble Baby High Chair - Our wood high chair has...
  • Built to Last a Long Time - Your child can use this infant...
  • Your Baby’s Space Saving High Chair - With its classic,...

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With this white wooden high chair for babies and toddlers, you get peace of mind for approximately 10 years. 

It is a high-quality chair having a durable seat that can take up the weight of about a 10-year-old kid. 

The beech tree wood legs with adjustable footrest make it the best high chair for babies & growing kids. 

Its food-grade propylene for seat ensures the complete safety of your kid.  

The high chair in white for babies and toddlers is a little expensive tho. 


  • Long wooden legs with adjustable footrest make it a good option for growing kids.
  • The tray is removable to assist is hassle-free cleaning.
  • The food-grade propylene seat makes it safe for the kid.
  • the chair comes unassembled but with an easy to assemble guide. 
  • Wooden legs are resistant to fatigue and can bear much higher weight than other plastic chairs.
  • The elegant design makes it the best option for any home décor or a fine dining room.
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight: 12.5 pounds
  • Tough material
  • Good height
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Removable tray
  • Easily portable
  • No such cons

5- FUNNY SUPPLY Wooden Baby High Chair with Removable Tray Adjustable Footrest and Legs 

FUNNY SUPPLY Wooden Baby High Chair with Removable Tray Adjustable Footrest Legs Classic Design Grows with Your Child
  • High quality materials and workmanship: Engineered from...
  • Classic and sophisticated design with focus on comfort,...
  • 7- Stage Adjustable Foot Plate : Comes with a feet platform...
  • Stress-free cleaning : The BPA-free tray is removable and...
  • Perfect size for small apartment Save space in your home by...

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Funny supply’s wooden baby high chair comes with a removable tray and high wooden legs. These beechwood legs can stand high tension force and the footrest is adjustable.

The seat is made up of propylene in off white that can be easily washed. 

This is the perfect choice for small apartments in less budget.


  • It comes with long wooden legs with adjustable footrest.
  • The seat is made up of pp with a removable tray for easy cleaning.
  • The legs can stand high pressure.
  • It can fit into a small living room area or dining room or in a small apartment.
  • The color off white can be placed with any home design. 
  • Size: (L x W x H): 22.8 x 20.4 x 38.18 inch
  • Tray dimensions: 15.74-inch width
  • Weight capacity: 11.68lbs
  • Elegant design
  • Small in size
  • No such cons

Having gone through the list of best wooden high chairs, you must be excited to know more.

However, we are sure there must be certain questions arising in your mind by now. 

Well, what are we here for? 

Up next, we have complete buyers guide for you which will also end up answering if not all, then most of your major questions and concerns.

Without further ado, let us begin.

How to choose a high chair for babies?: Buyer’s Guide

As you must have read by now, there are different types of white wooden high chairs and you can get the one that most suits you. You know best about your use.

Some have a leg partition in between some do not. The ones with it are more suitable for your younger toddlers who might be at risk of sliding out from under the tray.

You can even sell your antique wooden high chair in exchange for one of these modern and multi-use one.  

Selling the old ones may even be enough for you to cover up the cost of the new ones, even add in some groceries because those are worth $50 to $500 depending upon their condition.

When should your toddler begin using a high chair and when is the right time to stop?

However, before the purchase, you must be sure when you need to buy it.

When your youngling reaches a certain age in which babies start to eat solid foods and begin to crawl, that is when it is safe for them to be seated in a chair as such. 

And in between 18 months to 3 years, they are ready to stop using the high chairs. By that time, they can sit on chairs and white wooden counter stools in kitchens to eat properly. 

This is usually when your baby reaches 6 to 8 months. These even last a long time, can work for your second, third or even the 4th born child.

Some of the above white wooden high chairs even allow you to use these chairs for the next 10 years with ease.

Are high chairs safe?

High chairs are completely safe to use because they are secured by belts to keep your toddler seated properly. 

However, some people are concerned that there are certain hooks on the chair which might cause the baby harm. 

Know that these chairs are specialized for babies and no such hooks are sharp or edgy that they may cause any harm. However, care must still be taken.

The above White wooden high chairs are safe but the question is, are the antique ones safe?

Antique wooden high chairs are probably very old and must have remained un-maintained. Thus, it must have worn out wood pieces and scraps of wooden stripes chipping off. 

These are very dangerous for the babies are these can poke them.

There might also be some worn out rusted nails hanging out of the wood. 

Unless an antique wooden high chair is maintained properly and polished, it is not safe for your baby and you need a new and one of the best high chairs in 2021.

How to clean and maintain your white wooden high chair?

Maintaining your high chair is absolutely crucial for the hygiene of the young one. You should clean it daily before and after seating the baby along with a deep cleanse every two weeks.

Daily, brush off the crumbs here and there and dust the chair off. 

But twice a month, disassemble the chair and clean it properly.

However, avoid soaking the fabric cushion, and avoid leaving the chair damp if it is made of wood or even metal. 

Babies make a lot of mess while eating so make sure to rub and scrub anywhere it needs.

How much does a baby high chair cost?

Baby high chairs are not as expensive as perceived once the comfort and ease it provides is considered. 

Most of them range from $50 to $150 and hardly any range above $200. But again, they must be worth it.   

However, be the wise one and choose from the best high chairs available here as all of them are under $150 only.

Baby high chairs are an efficient way to get your child to sit down and properly finish their food. 

Thus, contributing to not only good health but also helps to start developing habits to eat on a dining table patiently. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Advantages Of High Chairs For Babies

A high chair is a good investment for your baby. It will provide them with a stable base from which they can begin to explore the world around them. There are a number of advantages of a white wooden high chair for babies. It will encourage them to explore more. When they are sitting in the chair, they are forced to use their legs and move their arms. This helps them develop their muscles and brain.

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