Best White Wooden Kitchen Island Carts Reviews 2021

Storage space just never seems to be enough, especially in a kitchen.

That is one reason why our counter tables are always piled up with utensils and appliances which should be behind the doors. 

A white kitchen island cart might be the best blend for your kitchen’s theme along with the provisioning of ample storage.  

wooden kitchen island carts are small counters with storage units, can be placed in your kitchen wherever suitable. 

Apart from serving as extra counter space with storage capacity, some kitchen carts have wheels. You can glide those where ever you want. 

Let’s check our top picks. 

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Best White Wooden Kitchen Island Carts Reviews: Small White, Stainless Steel or Granite Top


The selection of the best wooden kitchen island is based on what solution you’re looking for. 

If you want your cart to be easy to move, you should go with the one having wheels. 

Up next you can’t ignore the storage capacity you need along with space you have in your kitchen. 

Based on such scenarios, our team has done some hands-on reviews & research and listed 5 options along with in-depth reviews, which are available online.

Let’s check the reviews one by one.  

1- Hodedah White Kitchen Island Cart

Hodedah Kitchen Island with Spice Rack, Towel Rack & Drawer, White with Beech Top
  • Cabinet space to store small appliance, pots and pans and...
  • Drawer for storing utensils and dinnerware
  • Convenient and accessible way to display your microwave,...
  • Wheels that facilitate movement around your kitchen as well...
  • Spice rack and towel holder for added convenience

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This fancy yet elegant wooden Kitchen Island will serve multiple purposes. Along the wooden kitchen island cart top and shelved cupboard, it comes with a Drawer to store your kitchen utensils. 

A towel rack to hang your wet towels and a rack for storing your spice jars.


  • Overall Dimensions in inches: 35.2 H x 35.5-44.9 W x 15.5 D
  • Weighs 64 pounds
  • Made of the durable wooden frame
  • Has a wooden tabletop
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Contains lockable wheels
  • Contains a drawer with metal glides
  • The drawer and the doors of the cabinet contains silver finish ring pulls
  • Contains a cabinet with enough storage of small appliances
  • Import Quality
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Elegant Design
  • Ample Storage Capacity
  • Spice rack and towel holder
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Some customers found it difficult to assemble

2- Dolly Madison Rolling Kitchen Island Cart

Liberty Off-White Kitchen Cart with Stainless Steel Top by Home Styles
  • Constructed of hardwood solids and engineered wood in an...
  • Features include two adjustable shelves in each cabinet...
  • Also features brushed nickel hardware and 2 locking casters
  • Assembly required; Do not use power tools above 8 volts to...
  • Dimensions: 53.5W x 18D x 36H Inches

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This on-wheels Prep and Serve cart will not disappoint you. 

It might be small kitchen island cart with comparatively fewer storage space, but it serves its core purpose better than many others. 

With two large storage drawers and an enclosed cabinet, it provides enough space for your immediate flatware and dinnerware.


  • Overall dimensions in inches: 17.7 x 31 x 36 inches
  • Weighs about 80 pounds
  • Contains two utility drawers with metal glides
  • Consist of a double door cabinet  
  • The cart has a white natural finish with a protective lacquer
  • It is constructed of solids and engineered woods
  • Contains a thick solid wood table top in natural finish
  • Features stainless steel accents
  • Has brushed steel hardware
  • Contains four industrial grade rubber casters from which two are lockable
  • Standard classic style finish
  • No paint chipping
  • Made of durable wood
  • Two drawers and a double-door cabinet
  • Easily moveable
  • Heavyweight

3- Giantex Kitchen Trolley Cart, Rolling Small Kitchen Island Cart

Dolly Madison White Prep & Serve Cart by Home Styles
  • Dolly madison prep and serve cart
  • Made of sustainable hardwood
  • The cart has two utility drawers on metal drawers slides...
  • The style is clean and simple and the white body and natural...
  • Measures 33-3/4-inch width by 18-1/2-inch depth by 36-inch...

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This small kitchen island cart is one of the best among this category. 

It features two drawers along with two double-door cabinets to provide you with all the storage space you need in your wooden kitchen island. 

Roaming on strong wheels, you can move it anywhere you want. Here is what you need to know about this one-in-all package.


  • Overall dimensions in inches: 48.5″ x 18.5″ x 36.5″ (L x W x H)
  • Dimensions of tabletop: 42″ x 18.5″ (L x W)
  • Weighs about 86 pounds
  • Weight capacity of tabletop: 110lbs
  • Weight capacity of each drawer: 11lbs
  • Weight capacity of each shelf: 22bs
  • Total weight capacity: 220lbs
  • Made of rubberwood, pinewood, MDF, and PB materials
  • Comes with a fine paint finish and smooth rubberwood top
  • Contains PP iron wheels with freely 360 degree swiveling casters with locks
  • Features two double-door cabinets with shelves adjustable to 3 heights
  • Comes with two drawers above each enclosed cabinet 
  • The cart features two towel hanging rods on each side, these can also be used to push the cart 
  • Strong and sustainable
  • Large size
  • Super easy to move
  • Ample storage capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Wood screws aren’t reliable
  • Slightly large holes for hinge screws

4- Baxton Studio Denver Modern Kitchen Cart/Island with Butcher Block Top 

Giantex Kitchen Trolley Cart, Rolling Utility Island w/Rubber Wood Top, Large Storage Easy-Clean with Smooth Lockable Wheels Home Kitchen Carts (White)
  • 〖Sturdy Construction and Long-lasting Use〗: Constructed...
  • 〖Sufficient Space for Storage and Display〗: Two drawers,...
  • 〖Adjustable Shelves Design〗: Each cabinet has an...
  • 〖Flexible Swivel Casters〗: The four wheels at the bottom...
  • 〖Easy Assembly and Great for Use〗: This versatile...

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So here, we decided to add some variety with this white wooden kitchen island cart. The Baxton Studio’s Denver Modern Kitchen Cart does not only add elegance to your kitchen but also the functionality. 

Including drawers, closed cabinet and open shelves, you can now keep all your emergency kitchen utensils at a movement away. 

The butcher board countertop is used as an ideal meal preparation center as well.


  • Overall dimensions in inches: 41.5″W x 17.7″W x 35.8″ (L x W x H)
  • Weighs about 79 pounds 
  • Made of Engineered wood and has a rubberwood frame,
  • Has a Butcher block countertop
  • Comes with a white lacquered MDF and rubberwood veneer base
  • Contains lockable wheels 
  • Features one closed cabinet with 
  • Contains two open shelves with the lower being a removable one
  •  Also contains a wine rack
  • Manufactured in Malaysia
  • Comes with one drawer above the open shelves 
  • The cart features a towel hanging rod that can be used to push the cart 
  • Ample storage space
  • Adjustable shelves
  • lockable wheels
  • Made of butcher board tabletop
  • Easy to clean
  • Butcher board gives a rough appeal
  • Material used is not reliable as the others
  • Some consumers complained about cheap packaging

5- Liberty White Kitchen Cart with Stainless Steel Top by Home Styles 

Liberty Off-White Kitchen Cart with Stainless Steel Top by Home Styles
  • Constructed of hardwood solids and engineered wood in an...
  • Features include two adjustable shelves in each cabinet...
  • Also features brushed nickel hardware and 2 locking casters
  • Assembly required; Do not use power tools above 8 volts to...
  • Dimensions: 53.5W x 18D x 36H Inches

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The Liberty Kitchen Cart with stainless steel top by Homes Styles is a functional and elegant addition to your kitchen space. 

It surely comes in handy with its 3 pull out drawers and a dual shelved enclosed cabinet. 

There is a spice jar on one side of the wooden kitchen island and a towel hanging bar on the other side. Now that is a complete package!


  • Overall Dimensions in inches: 53.5w 18d 36h
  • Weighs about 116 pounds
  • Made of hardwood solids and engineered wood
  • Contains a 0.8 mm stainless steel tabletop
  • Features three storage drawers 
  • Contains a cabinet with two adjustable shelves
  • Contains lockable wheels for movement
  • Has brushed nickel hardware and two locking casters
  • Stores a lot
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Lockable wheels
  • Made of durable wood
  • Neat finish
  • The finish and measurements may vary a little

Now that you have gone through the best options available for white kitchen island carts, you must have picked a match.

If that’s not the case, you should read further as I have explained in detail about choosing the best kitchen cart. 

Let’s move ahead to explore the guidelines.

How to choose an Island cart for your kitchen? 

Choosing the perfect island cart for your kitchen is a challenge only you can overcome. 

But we are here to help along the way.

However, before you begin, be sure to where you plan on setting the wooden kitchen island. 

Measure the place properly before searching as you do not want to end up with an overly large or too small of a wooden kitchen island.

Also, decide what kind do you want. A built-in fixed wooden kitchen island or more of a portable cart type which will also help to entertain your guests.

Decide upon the required storage space. This will help you determine how many drawers and cabinets will suit you better.

Then finally, begin your search.

Choose a Durable Material

Wood is the best material to go for because not only is it durable, but it also tends to gracefully blend in well among the interior. 

Painted white finishes are something safe to look forward to.

The type of countertop is yet another important thing to consider. Besides, it provides many more options when we talk about the material.

White kitchen carts with granite top give a formal and unique touch to the kitchen. It also comes in very handy as it is easier to wipe. 

Kitchen carts with stainless steel top also add a unique touch. However, these would more probably be used in commercial settings.   

The options most importantly depend upon the intended use for the top.

What style should you choose?

look around your kitchen and figure out the theme. Would a traditional style wooden kitchen Island cart suit you or a modern one?

Modern white island kitchen carts are mostly represented by a neutral paint finish, a well-polished surface, and more geometrical shapes. Like the white kitchen Island carts discussed above.

The height of the white kitchen island cart should be of the same height as the rest of the counters in your kitchen, especially if you plan of keeping it stationary most of the time. 

The standard height of a kitchen counter is about 36 inches.

It will not only give the entire kitchen a neat and even look but also function better as a prep counter when being used as one.

What other features should you consider?

There are plenty of features that you might want to consider before putting a finger on your final white kitchen island cart choice.

Looks play an important role in decision making. You would need to make sure that the paint or the finish is smooth, even, and there is no chipping insight.

Get a clean check on the molding and hinges. Make sure to take a deep look into the knobs as well.

Functionality is a top priority and the basic purpose of these white kitchen islands is to provide functionality in style. 

The tabletop of any wooden kitchen Island can serve as a countertop or even as an additional prep area for your daily use. And depending upon the material, it can as easily be wiped clean.

Locking casters make it extra feasible for you to glide the fixed island into a mobile cart which can now be used to entertain guests.

Most importantly, check your storage area on the wooden kitchen island cart. Is it enough for your needs or something larger would do?

Finally, jot down your personalized priority list and look through the products online. 

You can also check our best pick in White Wooden Laundry Hampers

What are White Kitchen Island Carts Used for?

Kitchen carts are used for several things. Cart is something mobile, and a kitchen cart is something that fulfills the purpose of serving your guests or moves items from one place to another hassle-free.

Most white kitchen island carts can be fixed onto their positions with the help of lockable casters. This way, they can serve a two-in-one purpose in the kitchen.

These are particularly used for storing kitchen utensils or kitchen appliances. These can be used as tea and coffee stations in offices or at home. 

Honestly, the uses are uncountable.

wooden Kitchen islands are not as expensive as other furniture, although they fulfill their purpose quite efficiently. Most of these non-electrical ones range between $90 to $250.

While functionality is something to assure, the space you provide around the wooden kitchen island is included in functionality as well. There needs to be enough room for you to move around. 

However, if you plan on pausing it in the middle of the kitchen, aka. As an island, you need to make sure that you can easily move around it. 

Now that this guide is coming to an end, hopefully, we have provided you with enough information to choose the best white Kitchen Island cart that can suit your kitchen. 

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